Spresso Price Optimization is a plug and play solution to provide dynamic pricing functionality to every item in your catalog. Using our proprietary AI, we can fine tune pricing on a per-SKU basis to maximize gross margin OR conversion rates based on your priorities.

How it works

You can get up and running with Spresso in 3 easy steps:

  1. Send us your current catalog. The preferred method of delivery is a nightly SFTP upload - just like you would to any other ad / affiliate network.
  2. Install our Event SDK on your Shopify store and configure your storefront to send us event data. We feed information about product impressions and conversions to our AI models so that they can select the best price for your items.
  3. Wherever pricing is displayed on your Shopfify store, replace your static prices with the AI-driven pricing generated by Spresso. Our system continually monitors the performance of every item in your catalog and adjusts prices accordingly.

Technical Details

Catalog Intake

Timely and up to data catalog information is a core component of fueling Spresso's AI model.


Refer to catalog guide here for details and methods.

Event SDK

Event data is needed in order to provide enough information to our systems - these are very standard, and follow the same patterns as most other e-commerce conversion tracking tooling.


Refer to Event SDK guide here for details and methods.

Displaying Dynamic Pricing:

Shopify offers multiple integration paths depending on your store setup.

Please reach out to the Spresso team to set up time with a sales engineer discuss integration options and to better understand your unique store setup and any customizations you may have already made