Event SDK

The event SDK instruments your website or your mobile app to enable Spresso's AI to leverage your consumer's shopping and purchase behavior to provide the optimal pricing for your consumers.

All we need are these 6 events:

  • Page View/Screen View: all instances when a user loads or reloads a page (web) or screen (mobile app).
  • Glimpse PLE/Product PLE: all instances when a user sees a product tile on a page or screen.
    • PLE: product list entity
  • View PDP: when a user loads a product detail page.
    • PDP: product detail page
  • Tap Add To Cart: when a user adds a product to cart.
  • Create Order: when a user places an order.
  • Purchase Variant: item level details of an order.

Navigate to Spresso's console app Developer Tools to easily validate your implementation.


Are you already tracking these events?

If you already have analytics implemented on your platform contact us to learn about our ETL data integration options.


View Developer Documentation for Event SDKs

Web Event SDK